ゑでぃまぁこん メンバー紹介

  • EDDIE CORMAN / ゑでゐ鼓雨磨(Gt.Vo)
  • JULES MARCON / 柔流まぁこん(Ba)
  • YASUHISA MIZUTANI / 水谷ペルサモ康久(Sax,etc)
  • YOJIRO TATEKAWA / 楯川陽二郎(Dr)
  • ZTOM MOTOYAMA / 元山ツトム(Steel Gt)
  • MADOKA ASAKURA / 朝倉円香(Chorus)


In the all-female duo Coa, Eddie Corman trades on volume and velocity in a howling rock beast that could well fit the bill soundtracking an apocalyptic horror movie. Both Eddie and Marcon first played together in an early incarnation of LSD-March, pysch-blasted legends of the Japanese underground. Combining their names to form a new endeavour into Japanese acid folk, Eddie and Marcon as Eddie Marcon have been working in much quieter tones to make delicate, gorgeous and esoteric music. Shining on Graveposts cradles the mysterious, melancholic air so unique to much Japanese music in intimate spaces. The graceful arc of Eddies guitar melodies entwined with the shuffle and swirl of Marcons percussion are the humble beginnings of rich atmospheres. Falling between half-tuned dreams and stark, crystalline beauty, these songs are rich with warmth, shot into spacey terrain with tender eccentricity and otherworldly charm. Eddies voice is a hushed, tingling thing, rising on occasion from its gentle soul to a more sweeping majesty.